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Sprakor is an easy to use sofware translation tool for developpers building multi-lingual applications. It's free and web-based.

Using Sprakor, you will be able to create translations for your software in an easy way and then include the produced content into your project. And once you decide to change the programming language, you will still be able to use your translations with little or no-modification
While Sprakor can help with any programming language, we have up to now used it on

Some of the applications globalized using Sprakor include all NEFSYS web-based services like SmaFirma.COM, Lokalbokning (web and Windows), ... and of course Sprakor itself.

Should you need to know if this or that programming technique can work well with Sprakor, contact us.
You are welcome to send us your feedback. Especially those using non-european characters (like asian languages, arabic, ...) are most welcome to share with us their comments.


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