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If you run a small business and have no time to giggle with large and confusing accounting systems, then SmaFirma can help you in your invoicing needs. It's free and web-based.

SmaFirma is a small-business transactions management service. If you receive and send invoices, then Smafirma is for you. Small businesses (especially IT businesses and consultants) will particulary find it useful since they won't put their time into learning accounting. SmaFirma is not an accounting package and it doesn't use accounting terminologies (hey, we are not accountants but IT professionals)

At the end, reports to send to the Tax office will be presented to you in a human readable layout

Some Features of SmaFirma

  • FREE means you don't spend much to be running
  • Our system is hosted by ourselves and this will give you even more sleep as you have less to worry about
  • The entire thing is web-based giving you more freedom on where and when to do what
  • AJAX use means faster job done. But we don't over-AJAX the interface which in turn gives a seamless experience
  • Ability to export your data in different formats including XML, SQL for inclusion into other systems and backup
  • A web-based administration interface gives you more freedom in your work. Whether you are in the city center trying to meet potential partners, whether you are in the office, SmaFirma will always be at a click away. No need to download clients that will constantly need updates.
  • Have created your invoice but are out-of-the-country on a business trip. No worry, we will help you get the invoice to your customer and of course notify you
  • Coming soon is a possibility to send a link to your customer for viewing the invoice online and if he/she wishes to, pay it online with a click of a button


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