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Transferring Data from Amazon S3 to Rackspace CloudFiles

Background: Amazon S3 and Rackspace CloudFiles are both Unlimited Storage services that charge per usage ( size of content you have there, the amount you transfer per month, ...)
In my opinion, they are not very different but I can note that:
  • On Amazon, you can choose to have your data physically (and legally) stored in Europe
  • With Rackspace CloudFiles, you don't get charged for CDN initial fetches (when your files are sent to the caching servers of LimeLight Networks for worldwide delivery)
  • For CDN functionality, Amazon uses its own infrastructure while CloudFiles uses the already established LimeLight services
  • Amazon has been in this file storage business relatively longer than Rackspace
  • CloudFiles have a control Panel while Amazon has none (one has to use third party tools like S3Fox, ...)
  • Rackspace has a fanatical support but S3 has nothing similar
  • Amazon S3 supports some functionalities like setting up Access Control Lists

Why would one need to switch to CloudFiles from S3?

I don't have any specific reasons why you would do that, but simply giving a tool to help in that case

Show me the code

This is a PHP5 script that should be run from the command line. It can run in the browser (through Apache or any other PHP capable application) but if you are transferring large objects, it will timeout before the job is done.
The source code can be seen at S3toMosso.php To download this script with supporting files, I have uploaded a ZIP archive. Please note that I have not tested it on large lists (millions) of objects nor big objects (GBs in size).

Can you do it for me???

Yes I can help you but you will have to contact me using NEFSYS Contacts or the email address in the source code.

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