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This is the number one tool for school records management and reports.

With COSYSM, managing your school and related records becomes a breeze. It Helps you concentrate on what is best for your kids and country: KNOWLEDGE DELIVERY.

It's ease of use and near-zero learning curve make it the most affordable tool of its kind. No special knoweldge is required to use it (especially for teachers entering student marks). It is naturally straight-forward. We also have video tutorials that help in case one needs some advanced features. Our user-driven forums are a great way of sharing experiences not only with COSYSM but also day to day teaching stories (great or horror).

It includes different modules that help in:

  • Students record keeping
  • School history management
  • Timetable (both automatique and Manual)
  • Students marks calculations and ranking
  • ... Of course, end-of-Term and end-of-year student reports

Users have different configurable access privileges:

  • School headmasters
  • Studies Masters and/or Administrators
  • Class Teachers
  • Regular Teachers
  • Students

Please visit www.cosysm.com for more information about COSYSM.

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