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NefaNEWS Logo With the NefaNEWS service, you will have your newspaper online in seconds rather than months or even years. With the NefaNEWS service, you will have your newspaper online in seconds rather than months. Once you register, you will only have to choose a layout that suits your newspaper and you can start publishing your stories right away.


Features of NefaNEWS

  • FREE plan with immense resources
  • Our system is hosted by ourselves and this will give you even more sleep as you have less to worry about. Just get the news and we will make them accessible
  • You can create categories or sections of your News articles
  • Create static Pages of your site using a simple to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Ability to manage DNS records of your domain name (advanced plan)
  • Many staff users with different permissions that can be adjusted to meet requirements of publishing houses
  • Point your domain name to our servers or use our NameServers for ease of use
  • Write article contents using an easy to use WYSIWYG editor. You don't need HTML skills; even if you have those skills, you don't have to don't need to use them
  • Copy and paste your content directly from Microsoft Word or any other text processor of your choice
  • AJAX use means faster job done. But we don't over-AJAX the interface which in turn gives a seamless experience
  • Allow/Disable comments on articles
  • The powers of the multi-staff management allows the super admin to say which articles require approval before going live
  • Automatic RSS feeds creation: whole site, whole category or subcategory. No need to worry about manually updating your feeds each time you or other staffs add an article
  • Ability to export your articles in different formats including XML for inclusion into other systems and backup
  • Friendly URLs (permalinks) mean ease of use for your visitors who may need to bookmark individual links
  • Search engine friendly pages will make your site very easy to find in Google and other useful site finder.
  • A web-based administration interface gives you more freedom in your work. Whether you are in the bush reporting how the war is being run, whether you are in the office, the news will always be current with our easy to use web tools. No need to download clients that will constantly need updates.
  • Ability to comment, email, print articles (printer friendly version for each article)
  • Many pre-installed templates and layouts to choose from. You may even have a different layout depending on the month or the weekday
  • If you are not happy with the pre-installed layouts and templates, you may contact us and we will help you put one that satisfies your taste

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